Given the nature of this board, its denizens and the industry I suppose alot of people on here having delt with some pretty severe anxiety in there life. Does anybody got any recommendations on how to cope with it? damn my A type personality.

Get a good workout at least three time per week. That’l release them endorphins.

Workout / Alcohol / A funny movie / Cook a great meal Sit down and think about all the “huge” problems you have had in the past, and then realize how insignificant they seem now.

Get a dog that’s not big enough to fight back as you beat it mercilessly on a nightly basis. And what Bryant said; working out is a great way to burn off anxious energy…

ehhh i think im gonna join a rugby team

Xanax. Valium. Klonopin. The rest of the benzodiazepines.

A good cigar and with a nice cup of coffee (or liquor depending on the mood) does wonders for me.

caffeine alleviates anxiety?

I know it doesn’t make sense. But the taste of the coffee matched with the cigar really does relax me. I definitely don’t make it strong in this instance.

But enough benzos and people look nice and calm when they are going to be executed.

Tea (caffeine free…I like caffeine but now isn’t the time for it) Deep breathing Certain types of music I agree with exercise Or just flipping out on people in your head, Patrick Bateman style.

Sex/Sports/Sleep/Sedatives (if needed)…does the trick pretty well.