Any 3/3 - 18 monther's out there?

Congrats to us! How hard was that December - June turn around? For me, it was a ridiculous task and I felt like I’ve been studying non-stop since 2014.

Started from the bottom now we’re here!

3/3 18 month mother :slight_smile: hehe for me i took CFA 1 most seriously other two i studied March-June, gald to be done though! congrats to all that passed!!

I am. L3 matrix is horrible than expected though. Put 1 month in studying for the last level; no mocks only curriculum. Ahellotta luck and positive thinking. Lol.

Woot Woot fo shizzle baby!!

3/3 - took a year off in 2014 so NO to 18.

yeeeeehhhh booyyyyy - but that doesn’t make us a better analyst

18 monther checking in. I feel like a conqueror

Congrats fellas. I should have been in this fraternity but evidently got too complacent for L3. This was no easy feat, kudos gentlemen. Will meet you in the promise land in 2017.

In the 18 month club - didn’t think the turn around was that bad. Had a little luck in level 3 - could have easily gone the other way.

3/3 18 here, waiting for the regular membership approval

Old braggin asses…

Nah, j/k – that’s an impressive stat. Congrats all who did this!

18 months master race checking in!

I should have waited until December to take Level I so I could be in this club, but I signed up for June as I didn’t know this club existed at the time. So I’m in the June-June-June club.

Did lvl 1 2002. lvl 2 2003 when it was half essay. lvl 3 2016. now wait for work experience. If I ever get it

Congrats to those who managed it! I missed Level II in 2015 (band 9) so I needed a mulligan but I passed it this year. That Feb - June run after passing the Dec Level I exam is no joke, but doable obviously. I’m hoping to take the consolation prize and join the 30 month club next June.

3/3 in 18. Congrats to the mom @Vedad - that’s incredible! I’m young (25) so still have to accumulate work experience b/c started out in accounting. Need about 2 more years but at least the hard part is over with… Now get to hurry up and wait for the sacred charter.

3/3 but not in 18, can’t imagine what it would’ve been like having to sit in december!

Jun-Jun-Jun club here. Clean sweep.

Yep, it’s been a busy 19-months :slight_smile: I was curious about the learning habits of others who did this. Don’t want to throw this topic off tangent so I made a new thread here for that topic because I’m always interested in learning how to learn

Would be grateful if the people in this thread could stop by and share a few suggestions.

IT is not 18 months you idiot if you did not sit the first exam with zero preparation.