Any Advantage to doing the CFAI Mock first

I am finished with the EOC questions and rounding out the remaining CFAI online problems, so logically I’ll move on to Mock exams next; I am doing live Kaplan then BSAS Mocks toward the middle of May. I am really going to push myself to keep a good pace, and I am hoping I can cover a lot of ground between now and the exam. Does anyone have any thoughts about doing the CFAI Mock first (rather than any one of the Kaplan exams from the books)? I’m mostly curious to know if I’m “wasting” it by doing it first when my score isn’t up quite as high as I’d like.

Happy Easter / Spring break :slight_smile:

I think doing it first is too early. I plan on doing 4 mock exams in May (3 Schweser and 1 CFAI) and plan on doing the CFAI mock 3rd out of 4, on Sat May 20th. That way you have a gauge of where you stand vs the real exam, after a bunch of prep, but still with enough time to solidify the rest.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks man. I’m going to start with the first kaplan exam this weekend (untimed). Best of luck.