Any advice for Dec LI candidates?

Hello friends. I am registered to take the LI exam this December. Any tips/advice/Do’s and Dont’s that you guys would like to share? Much appreciated! And of course, best of luck to June test-takers

You might get a more coherent response to this if you re-post it after the exam date :slight_smile: but, my thoughts: 1) start studying as soon as you can. Ignore people who say it can be done in two months, three months, whatever. Sure, maybe it can, but it’s better to have the material under your belt and be able to slow your pace, than be panicking a month out and having to study every hour in the day. (note: I came into this without a finance degree – if you have one, you can probably get away with a shorter time frame.) 2) regardless of what material you are using (cfa vs prep provider) do the end of chapter CFA questions after each chapter to make sure you have understood the material. 3) try to give yourself a month at the end for mock exams/review. good luck!

advice from an L2 candidate start NOW. And you will figure out all the rest on your own. Start later, you will be asking us what to do in a few months!

Many thanks to you both. I will take your advice and repost after your exam. Good luck!! and I hope you all will share your experiences, lessons learnt and suggestions after the test.