Any advice guys ?

I’ve worked as an accountant for almost 5 years and my last position as senior accountant included financial reporting and forecasting ( the focus really was on cash flow and income statement projections along with the balance sheet )

I’m a bit confused here, what job should I apply to now that I have passed the level 3 exam ? and can my experience be any helpful if I want a job more involved in the investments field.

I’ve been told that I should go through a financial modeling course given I have no experience in investments for me to be able to apply for any job that would allow me to apply for the charter .

Any advice would be really appreciated

Starbucks or Tim Hortons?

Well, what do you want to do? Also, shouldn’t you have had an objective before pursuing this program?

What type of firm did you work for? Public accounting or industry?

If public, was it a big firm (Big 4 or “next 4”)? If so, try to move into the valuation or M&A (or A&D) department.

If industry, does it have a corporate development department? If so, move there.

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