Any advice on a career change?

Hi, I am trying to work out what to do and hoped to find some good ideas and advice here…

I am not happy in my current role role (primarily because I am earning a lot less than the average for my qualifications etc, I took the first job from first interview. I am looking for a new job, either something I’d be really good at or something with synergies with my property investing that can also use my qualifications and experience. A bit about me: I am 34, I have also a very strong classical music background and played tons of strategic games which is my main hobby (although little time for it since starting uni).

I did a bunch of sales and telephone helpline type jobs from 17-27 then got a degree in economics and a masters in finance and management. The reason I got into economics was because I was interested in learning how to invest generally (at the time the stock market) but after university found that the maths aptitude requirement extremely high.

Despite my qualifications, I am not all that good at maths, I can do it if given the instructions clearly with an example to backwards engineer but can’t do calculations quickly in my head nor remember any maths techniques/rules.

Finished my degrees nearly 2 years ago, since then I have worked for the last 16 months as a production analyst, helping out with some of the financial tasks around the office.

So I was a graduate when I started but had no training or anyone to learn off and the role of production analyst was new to the company. The things I learned in university were very broad and didn’t learn how to apply the analysis so can only do basic things. I also struggle to show this information so that others can understand it easily.

I am told im good at my job but dont feel it. I did enjoyed automating reports in excel, I liked working out formulae. I don’t like repetitive tasks and find they really get to me. Since starting the job in my spare time i’ve been learning about and beginning to invest in residential property and seems a good move to bring this together with my career if there is a suitable role?

What is your question?

what is it you want to do?

It’s pretty hard for anyone to bare themselves in front of the internet and admit things so lets give this guy an initial pass on the lack of focused question.

Look at this thread first and it will save you from a lot of heckling if you can answer the same questions posted in there.

One universal truth I think everyone here can agree on is that it’s hard to break in and everyone works hard, and is bright. It usually boils down to network, perserverance, and a bit of luck. Do so more soul searching about what you want to do exactly and come back asking more focused questions and you’ll see quality responses from members here.

It’s the internal struggle between following your passion and paying the bills. At some point you will have to get out of your comfort zone if you want change.

actually on the contrary, the fact that AF is an anonymous forum, it makes for the perfect avenue to “bear themselves” since we’re all behind faceless screens and are ID’d by only an IP address