Any advice on CFAI rejecting obvious investment experience?

Twice now they have rejected a 4 month position of mine that was discretionary short-term municipal bond trading in mornings and municipal bond issue research in afternoons.

I don’t really know how much more detail they SHOULD need than that to realize it is investment related, but I definitely put as much detail as I could think of in my submission, yet…rejected twice.

Has anyone ever reached out to an email contact within CFAI to seek more explanation about why work experience is not counted?

I know a bunch of people who have been successful at getting experience approved by formatting their submission based on the LOS. Thus, you list an LOS “Learn how to value embedded call options in bonds” and then list experience relating to that LOS - “Evaluated 5000 bonds containing call options using binomial models”, etc…

thanks, i will try that

i get rejected by hot classy babes all the time…still haven’t gotten my charter despite hours of self study…

Just out of curiousity - do you guys bother with the binomial option pricing model for callable bonds? I know it, understand it, and find it worthless in real life. That or I should open a muni-arb hedge fund. It kills me how little respect munis get. There’s so much more to them than just dividing a yield by 1 - tax rate.

yeah it’s going to be tough finding muni-specific LOS language, but the bonds i traded were chosen by yield, liquidity, counterparty, lot size, etc… all things I can find in the text. Although I already referenced a lot of buzz words and what not and still rejected. Boggles the mind.

I wonder if you can pepper it with a duration LOS and a few things about risk. If you use a conventional risk methodogoly like ROEC or Sharpe with munis your returns are off the charts.

Are you kidding? Pulling out the CFA charter is a total turn-on for the ladies.

girls like guys with tails…especially classy ones…

For the record - I know nothing about evaluating muni bonds with binomial models or in any other way. Other than a muni bond cash account to simplify my taxes, I have never owned a muni bon or fund in my life. Never been at a fund that traded them (unless we had some distressed ones which is possible).

Call options are not valued in the municipal bond market – the yields are virtually the same as on non-callable bonds.

I think your comment re: call options not being valued is too broad. I partially agree in the primary market only. Some value is included in MMD and there’s definitely a distinction in Bloomberg. / hijack. I was also noodling on this. Isn’t research considered part of the job for trading? What if you get rid of the distinction so insetad of 2 “part time” jobs you have 1 full time gig?