Any Arabs in this Forum?

to exchange experience …

I guess not.

How would you “exchange experience”?

sounds dirty

hello i am here from egypt

hello Arab world

Yes from Dubai, UAE

Any white people in the forum? Would like to exchange experiences.

What a racist thread!

haha, you people are funny

Glad to see that I can always count on my Arab friends to get us noticed in any forum with their stupid questions!

Any experience I have to share will probably be useless to you given the level of stupidity of your first question.

^ self hating Arab

Alsuwaidi, This is not Arab Analyst Forum, White Analyst Forum, Black Analyst Forum, or Hispanic Analyst Forum. This is simply Analyst forum. People in general need to get out of their bubbles of associating with people that are like them! Please end this thread!


Guys, don’t rush in making these comments. We always have an issue when studying in a second language, the 250-300 hours plan takes a lot longer. He wanted to share with other Arabic speaking members how they tackled this issue. We understand that analyst forum is multi national/cultural and any racist sign will be reported by the members regardless of there location and ethnicity. For those who do not want to be noticed because they are Arabs, Arabs are not interested in that.

I don’t know what he meant by that question but it sounded fishy. This is even without my own prejudices which makes it sound really fishy.

“To share experience.”

Once someone mistook my du rag for a turban.

i always imagined that a turban would smell really nasty…whether its being worn by a white, black, asian or whatever…is that racist or am I pointing out a hygene fact?

This forum needs more mo34 posts and less everything else lol