Any benefit from doing past equity AM mock questions at all?

Only asking as quite a few parts of previous fixed income questions were still relevant despite guidelines saying the whole question is redundant. Have generally been missing the equity questions in papers and adjusting total score accordingly but wondered if anyone had found sections in certain papers to be relevant.

Real benefit is in the Individual and Institutional questions where u get to see the various ways the questions are asked each year especially the two formats for Individual Required return calculations,either single period/multi period and pretax/after tax.

Asset Allocation is also quiet beneficial.

Somewhat has recently brought up your concern but there was no definitive response. You can probably tell on your own now whether the question is relevant or not. As far as the score is concerned, you can either calculate earned points / (total points - equity points) or simply use equity % from 2018 and apply it to other sections - this is a very small sample and is likely to be inaccurate but two metrics together should give you an idea.

My strategy is the same from level 1: any thing in books will be tested period.

This year 8 readings were added and 6 at least reviewed: there is no point to read old papers just practice for time purpose

Economics two chapters are new

3/4 chapters in Fi are new