Any books about energy trading?

Can someone recommend any readings about energy trading? I am not looking for understanding the math behind the derivatives. But rather how the mechenism works, the market. Espcially for oil.

other then The Smartest Guys in the Room? there are a handful on Amazon…not sure which would be best. this one looks good -> Energy Trading and Investing: Trading, Risk Management and Structuring Deals in the Energy Market by Davis Edwards

what are you looking to learn? how an oil firm makes money? how to get a job? etc etc

I am an energy trader in Houston

I am taking a manager job in an oil company, part of jobs involves managing and optimizing fuel profitability in fuel buying, set up the fule prices (retail and wholesale), fuel inventory management. Not quite familiar with energy trading, what I heard from the hiring manager sounds like you need to monitor a trading system and do some arbitrage sometimes.

highly doubt any books will help you… your learn on the job and work with asset managers/traders on the details