Any Boston people?

Anyone from Section FF? Also, I saw someone yakking in the bathroom

i was in boston- section Y

i was in AA…yakking in the bathroom? i saw that after the test, but that was at a bar down the street

How about those yummy $18 sandwiches

haha…funny i was in line behind some guy and the lady at the register couldn’t get the cash drawer to open and she wasn’t sure what to charge the guy in front of me for a sandwich. She was taking a really long time and the dude started freaking out and was like “charge me whatever you want! i gotta go study!” he didn’t look like a happy camperl.

Section J, but I’m only a lowly (hopefully ex-) L1-er.

section CC

smarsh, i wish i had known who you were- i work right there- went across the street seaport hotel, got a decent lunch for well under $10 and nobody around to bother me. felt a little homecourt advantage… hopefully it was enough to eek out a pass.

Thanks. I actually got a room at the Westin (live on North Shore and didn’t want to make the a.m. drive) and had late checkout so I went back to my room, lay on the giant bed and watched TV. (and ate my $18 sandwhich)