Any canadian citizens now working in US???

Anyone born and raised in Canada and moved to the US for a job? I’m not talking about your company moving you over, i’m talking about applying to jobs posted in US cities. Do US companies frown on this? Do you lose your benefits of being a canadian citizen (health care etc…)

TJ visa. look into it. Need an offer of employment and a degree in the field in which you’re trying to work. (there is more to it than that, though). why would you lose the benefits of being a canadian citizen?? you’re not renouncing your citizenship. but you won’t have heath care in the states unless you are provided it by your employer or pay for insurance yourself. Why would US companies frown on it? You’re applying for a job. Whats the worst they say?

Why ‘born and raised in Canada?’. People who immigrated and obtained their citizenship are not good enough for you? In a different post of yours, you are complaining you have a non-English sounding name and are worried that you will be discriminated against. Buddy, you have some serious issues, let me tell you.