Any CFA Level 3 candidates in NJ

Hi I am from long branch and looking for some one who is preparing for level 3 in and around long branch area. thanks kiran

L3 Candidate, but in Newport/Pavonia, Jersey City. Probably starting: Jan end!

L3 candidate in Hoboken. Probably starting in a week or 2.

L3 in Hoboken also… not starting until end of Jan… Any interest in a study group?

L3 candidate (repeater)- live in Aberdeen, work in Manhattan…recently started with Schweser. have you started yet? how are you getting along so far?

Atlantic Highlands, near the ferry…getting started w/ Schweser next week…Ugh…

I’m in union, NJ, like to join a group.

I’m in the Princeton area if anyone’s interested.

Holmdel here – would love to get a monmouth group going.

monmouth group sounds like a pretty cool idea.

I have started going to the Eatontown/shrewsbury library Saturday mornings 9am to 1pm. Not really ready for a group yet though – I am almost done with book 5 and want to finish all reading before starting to work on weak areas.

@NJLVLIII: good for you…being almost through Bk 5 is great. I am almost through book 3 of Schweser - fixed income and equities - but that’s the 1st book I’ve picked up. I planned on reading all the CFAI books before year end but that was unrealistic. I’m a repeater - band 9 - so my only change to last year (Schweser only) is to start earlier and finish Schweser earlier (hopefully March or so, not sure) then review review review with CFAI end-of-chapter questions and practice exams. good luck - if anyone else chimes in to start a group or you want to meet up, be in touch. thanks

Repeater also – Passed I and II no prob, got overconfident + a job change in april doomed me. I was band 7. This yr I am taking no chances. I want the CFAI books done by Jan 12th. Taking NYSSA class starting that day – work on Schweser Jan-mar so april and may are all cfai EOC and essay. I figure a group starting in April would be helpful.

L3 Jersey City by Grove St.

Any one near Edison/MetroPark area,and willing to form a study group to discuss in library? -Ravi.

I’m 20 minutes from Edison. Which library you are talking about?

I’m referring to library on the Grove Avenue in Edison. North Edison Branch 777 Grove Avenue, Edison, New Jersey contact me at ravi_apna @, if interested to form a group.

Anyone in Hudson/near NYC - I’ll organize a group up here (of course anyone is welcome). If you are interested, please email me directly (schmidtr blue at gmail dot com) and I will coordinate offline. Looking forward to being done with this mess in June! Happy Holidays everyone!