Any CFP's out there

just curious…I am working on the combo…got my CFP 5 years ago and am now on Level 2. For that that are looking at both…I recommend doing them in the reverse order…The CFP is a breeze compared to Level 2 (and I’m not saying that the CFP is that easy).

I am not a cfp but passed my exam in june last year, cfa l1 dec and now will bravely fail at l2

One here.

i finished CFP in June 06 and its not in the same ballpark as the CFA…or the same league, or the same sport.

jason, Keep in mind that you will get bashed here for being a CFP, so you might not want to shout it from the rooftops. Most of this criticism will come from those that make a direct comparison of the CFP to the CFA. The simple fact that this comparison is made by those doing the bashing illustrates their lack of knowledge of the CFP. It is a complete different designation with a completely different cirriculum and skill-set, but that will be ignored. Anyway, I think it can be a nice combination depending on the area in which one works. Hopefully one day we will know for sure. :slight_smile: