Any chances?

Any chances for candidate scorring 50-60% on CFAI mocks at this stage? :frowning:

Of course. Probably better off than passing it and feeling comfortable. Good luck next weekend.

You still have a fair shot. Take the rest of the week off if you can and hit your weak areas hard. Know ethics like the back of your hand, it will make the difference if you’re borderline. It’s also a guaranteed 2 item set topic, so why worry about things that might not even show up on exam day?

I’m in the same boat here, any advice would be helpful. Should i be using Qbank to drill or just take the Schweser Mocks? Or take all the CFA mocks? Not sure what the best way to focus my studying is at this point!

try also at least one test each day. each question you fail gives you a chance to learn how to do it next time. pause at the end of test to understand the questions you failed.

In my opinion, based on last year’s exam, don’t bother with the qbank at this point…Try out some of the cfai eoc questions and vignettes. I think those are more helpful than anything else, especially for your weak spots. I’ve pretty much stuck to them and feel much more confident this year than last

Working through Schweser Exam 2 AM now, already did PM and got <60%; are these even worth doing at this point to switch to CFAI mocks/samples?

recommend doing 1 3hr exam a day through Thursday (don’t do it on Friday -it just messes with your brain) and spend the rest of the time reviewing and solving EOC - especially on the weak areas identified by the exams.

What I’ve done over the past few days is go through almost the entire two volumes of the Schweser seminar slide workbooks. That’s 2000+ slides. These are hardly ever mentioned here on AF, but these workbooks have given me a really good review. I feel like I’ve just read five or six consecutive volumes of Secret Sauce, the difference being that the slide workbooks contain all of the omitted details and formulas. I actually chose to go through these books first instead of jumping into the mocks. It’s amazing that no matter how well you think you’ve planned out your studies, there is never enough time to get to everything. But at least I feel “relatively” comfortable with what I’ve covered thus far - and as Andrew Holmes says at the end of the last Schweser video, you don’t need to knock everything out of the park. You just need to know a little bit about everything, and a few things really well. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have Lady Luck smiling on you once in a while…

Thats what I plan to do last two days

im in between low to mid 60’s for the cfai mocks overall and schweser practice exams. Going to re read ethics and try and ensure i get 70/80% come exam day, and port management as thats a bit of a weak spot. Had a bad week overall. Not comfortable at all tbh.

Relax on Friday. Studies say your IQ is reduced under stress and your brain synapses don’t function as well.

I’m actually taking it easy tonight. Felt some burnout symptoms and decided to give my eyes a rest. Posting on AF is a pleasure compared to drilling through page after page of whatever in the curriculum. I remember going over the CFAI mock the night before before L1 and then not being able to sleep the whole night. And I got sick that week as well…I thought I was a total goner… But what I learned is that mind over matter is an amazing thing. So no matter how burnt out you are now, and now matter now bad you feel the day before the exam… YOU WILL BE FINE … when they tell you to open up the test booklet. You’ll step up to the plate.

Forget the mocks. Do as many CFAI EOC questions as possible. They’re as close to the real thing as you can get.

What’s better? Spend one or two days reading Secret Sauce (book skimming) or forget it and pound more EOCs?

Do Schweser Mocks slowly. Item set by Item set. I swear.

It’s better to get lots of wrong answers now (even days before the exam), learn from your mistakes, and then breathe occasional sighs of relief when that particular specific topic gets tested on the real exam. I had this happen for at least 10% of the questions on L1 and it’s basically like getting free points. When taking my mocks or doing questions, if I guess or if I get the right answer through test-taking deductive skills rather than actual CFA knowledge, I treat it as a wrong and make a little 2-3 sentence notation in my Book of Wrongs (its actual name) or make a flashcard. I can get fooled once but I don’t like to get fooled twice! I know this advice has been given before but it’s one of the bedrocks of my approach to learning anything. I also think a few free points can be found simply by watching some of the Schweser videos if you have subscribed. They are somewhat generic (I’m talking about the library, not the 18-week course) but I will honestly say that I have had enough “Oh!” moments or “Aha!” moments to make the time investment worth it. I only fire them up at the very end of a study session when I am otherwise weary of doing questions or reading. I crack a beer or two and just listen and soak up a point or two that may come in handy on Saturday.