Any college seniors out there?

I’m thinking about taking the level 1 test this December. I am an Entrepreneurship/finance major at Grove City College. I’m planning on taking only 12 credits in the fall so studying would fit right into my schedule. Any advice from veterans or other seniors?

Any seniors?

go ahead be a tiger!

If it won’t interfere with getting good grades, then go for it. But remember… if it screws up your grades, people will be asking to see your transcript for a lot longer than they will ask how many times did it take you to pass L1.

do you REALLY want to be studying the entire time at college - dont you guys have sessions after your lectures?

I studied for Level 1 during the spring semester of my senior year and passed. I had the whole month of May to review full-time. But if I were you, I’d get started ASAP, even if you’re a finance major.

I’m a senior at the University of Missouri, majoring in Accounting and Finance. This semester I’m doing an independent study specifically for Level 1. On top of that I have 12 credit hours. Honestly it hasn’t been unbearable so far. It really just feels like 15-18 credit hours. I work part time at 25 hours per week too. Just an accounting clerk job, so nothing too crazy. Can it be done? Absolutely. So far I’ve found out it takes a lot of discipline. I’ve made an agreement with myself to only go out one night per week. And by go out I don’t mean get hammered or anything. Just have a few drinks here and there. Number 1 goal though is grades. If I fail Level 1 in June, I can always take it again in December. If I fail school, I probably will fail life or not land a job. P.S. Look into getting a scholarship through your school and the CFA Institute. I went to one of my professors and asked that he sponsor me. All you have to do is find a full time professors that is a charterholder at your school. Then all you do is fill out a scholarship form, mail/fax it to CFA Institue, and BAHMM! you just got enrollment fees waived and discounted exam price. The total to sign up for Level 1 for me was $225.00.

Here’s the link for the Student Scholarship: Monday is the deadline for June.

have some fun in school too, after you graduate it’s a lot harder to party with sorority girls

These are all great suggestions. I’m planning on taking 12 credits in the fall and business classes are all pretty easy. 2-3 hours/day for 15 weeks should give me a fighting chance of passing level 1. I don’t have a CFA professor at my school so I’m not sure if I’d be eligible for the scholarship.

Do it man. I took 4 classes in fall 09 while studying for level 1 and ended up passing in december. I studied a lot, stayed focused and kept my recreational drug use to a minimum. My grades did slide a little tho.

Accounting/Finance major in Syd here - passed with 3.5 weeks of solid cramming. Although areas like FSA, Derivatives, Corp fin and equity investments were cake for me. Depends how much of your undergrad you’ve retained.

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I’m a senior in university working towards a bachelors of business administration and I just passed level I in December. I only took 12 hours of school that semester and I was pretty comfortable with the material because I’ve taken ALOT of finance classes, as well as Econ, and accounting. It’s definitely doable if you’re committed to studying. I don’t think I would have been able to do it under the time constraint if I relied solely on the CFAI text. I bought the Schweser guide and studied exclusively from the notes (and found the Qbank extremely useful as well). Hope some of that info helps.

okiew5 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > KevinSTL Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > I’m a senior at the University of Missouri, > > > > This could be the first issue… What?