Any CPAs out there?

I know that people will probably tell me to do some outside research but I just had a quick question about CPA exams. Im finished with CFA exams and considering looking into CPA. I work at an AM and have no professional accounting background. Are there any prerequisites to taking these exams? If you pass them all, are there any professional requirements you need to use the designation? Thanks

There are tons of prerequisites to taking these exams, most dauntingly that you need lots of college accounting credits.

For starters you need 150 credit hours, 24 must be in accounting courses.

I have a friend who is working as a forensic accountant for the FBI. Loves his job. Thinks this recession is the coolest thing for his line of work…

Looks like I need to do some research here. Thanks guys

Only reason I got interested is my friend works at an accounting firm in NYC and they are having a great year. Then on the other hand there is my company which has been decimated. Was just interested in CPA as both a fall back and additional knowledge/designation.

Uh, are you a lawyer with a CFA looking to become a CPA also? Maybe you should focus on what you want to be when you grow up before doing something else new.

Each state has specific requirements. Most will let you test without meeting the 150/24 hour requirement. Most states require a certain number of years of direct accounting experience (with stipulations surrounding the requirement,) prior to being awarded the designation.

You need 150 credit hours, with 24 in accounting courses just to be eligebl to tke the exams. Each state will vary with the other reqs such as certain law course credit hours etc. The each state is different in its work experience requrements…

You don’t need 150 in every state. The rules for credits,residency, experience and designations vary wildly from state to state This site allows you to search the requirements in every state. Preston: I too have passed LIII and I’m considering the CPA. I’ve done some prelminary research, and its looking like I’ll find a state that wil allow me to sit without any accounting experience. Note: California and some other states have multiple tracks. One track is to be an auditor, and you need auditing experience. Another track doesn’t allow you to sign off on audits, but only requires that you work under a cpa. You can still take the tests and put cpa on your resume.

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