Any downsides to subleasing without a contract and by cash ?

A buddy of mine is subleasing his place for a decent price but does not wanna do the paper work as subleasing isn’t allowed and other stuff.

I trust the dude and have nothing to lose,but I was wondering if there is any downsides to this from a legal standpoint ?

I will pay him at the end of each week (less than his AirBnB price of course) and we agreed to have a weeks rent in deposit in case I end up not paying the dude.

Any downsides ?

I mean the main downside is if he decides to change his mind he can tell you to leave on the spot and you’re screwed.

The only downside I see is that without a contract you wouldn’t know if one of the explicit requirements for the apartment is gay friendly disposition, then it may get slightly awkward between you and your buddy, or it may strengthen your relationship depending on how things take their course.


Yeah, that is true.

There’s not really any downside. At least not any more than there is on any illegal, black market transaction where all negotiations take place outside of the law.

The only bad thing I can see is the guy pocketing two weeks worth of rent, beating the shit out of you and calling calling the cops, selling all your stuff at the flea market, Then trying to get you thrown in jail for breaking and entering and trespassing.

in california they cant just throw you out if you lived there for over a month or something like that. you get rights even if ur not on the lease.

I doubt the guy will throw me out,the dude is some PhD scientist and doesn’t really strike me as that kind of guy,

The only problem now the dude told me about is the building has no AC and he is taking his cooling unit or whatever out ,so either I have to buy one of my own or not have AC. I don’t think you can get a decent cooling unit for under 200 bucks so that is an issue.

This should be like fall weather for you.

Yeah but for that first month you have no rights, also this isn’t California.

I would think that units with air conditioning would just rent for at least $200 higher over a summer. So, you’d breakeven or better by buying a unit and trashing it after your stay, under this assumption. Maybe you can recover part of the value by selling it, especially if you leave in August or so when heat is peaking.

Buy a portable AC on Craigslist or amazon for like $300 and flip it on craigslist after.

Do portable coolers work well though? I’d pay upwards of triple to have AC.

do you have windows that open? Why not just do a window unit?

The unit will come with a fridge at least. Just push the fridge into the doorway such that the back is facing outside and wrap towels around the edges.


i have a pretty small apartment (has high ceilings though), works fine for me. Run it nearly 24/7 in the summer and roll it into a closet after summer.

I didn’t know how long I’d stay where I am so I figured a portable unit would be easier to sell or take with me. Looking out my window, nearly everyone has a window unit though.

Window units are exponentially more efficient.

I’d get a window unit for 300 or so,but first I have to see if I can install it or not.