Any experience taking CFA exams in Messe, Zurich?

I have requested to change my test center from SF to Zurich as I will be in Switzerland on the day of the exam this June. Any feedback you can share in terms of the Zurich test center would be greatly appreciated (room temperature, accommodation nearby, ease of access, etc.)

I felt cold in December, the heating system/air condition is quite noisy so they turned it off. Bring some food because there is nothing really close and the small shop at the Messe can’t handle all the test takers. There was an attended cloaking room and lockers for personal belongings. The exam was without any major events. Rest rooms are limited and may get crowded before the exam. Since there are more men then women, waiting time for men’s room was about 10min. Also, you should plan for arriving in public transport. It’s easy and quick to get there by Tram (Line 11 should get you there, also check the public transport web site: Parking may be limited. Closest accommodation I know of is the Swisshotel, about a 10min walk from the test center ( Hope this helps.

SF as in San Francisco? Im in the Bay too, where are you working?

EGAL – Thanks so much for the advice. This is very helpful. A couple more questions – do you know if it is easy, or even possible to ride my bicycle from Messe to Zurich airport? I need to catch a train to Appenzell for the bike tour I plan to join right after the exam, and the train schedule is very tight. Were you able to leave the exam hall by 16:30 when you took it? FXGUY1234: yes – I work in the East Bay (non-traditional banking).