Any fellow Mamils out there?

A friend just called me a Mamil. What is a Mamil you might ask? Middle Aged Man In Lycra, so basically a dude who rides his road bike in tight spandex. Never heard of the term before!,research%20firm%20Mintel%20in%202010.

Anyways, any fellow Mamils out there?

Marc LeFebvre from LevelUp, perhaps.


You mamil bro? Please confirm.

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Not sure… you tell me?

I see you finally became a sponsor!

Um . . . I’ve been a sponsor for years.

Can’t you tell from the sick git-up that he’s sponsored too?

CEO where you been mate?

Trying to get sponsored bro. It takes a lot of your time.

sponsored for what?

I hear that lying speeds up the process.

Isn’t that step 1 to getting right in finance? Defraud them before they defraud you.

What’s the AF verdict on men wearing spandex to the gym? Yay or Nay?

It’s the bulge that does it for me.