Any fellows L1s in Chicago looking to put together a study group?

I failed the L1 once and I don’t plan on failing again. I was part of a study group last year but they were not very effective…all we did was watch the Stalla videos. Would anyone be interested in a study group in or around Chicago…at least a day or two a week. Please reply…I would love to set something up.

I would be part of your study group I live between Logan Square and Wicker Park. Only thing though is that im trying to finish reading volume 6 before i join any study group so it would have to be about a week before i start anything. Other then that, what would you think a good study group would do? The best study group you can get is here in the forums!

I would love to join…I live right downtown chicago!

Sorry…I’ve been out of town. My thoughts were that it would help everyone to talk things out in a group. I think it would be very helpful to ‘teach’ topics to others, work problems out together, etc. I live in the 'burbs but I work in the loop. I am not actually taking the test until next June but I took it once before. I am on top of things this time and really want to get some quality work done. If either/both are still interested, please email me at kshodz(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!