Any free websites???

Hello, I have Schweser online, and enjoy it. I have also found some great explinationary videos on youtube. Was wondering if anyone that has taken the test have found other free websites that do a great job of explaining certain concepts in the study material. thanks for any advice.


try you already mentioned youtube…

jlive1975 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > try > > you already mentioned youtube… jlive, thanks for your helpful info!

Man, he’s really advertising his blog…

Its getting a little ridiclous if you ask me

haha just saw the videos of Peter Olinto on your blog, jlive. First time I’ve seen them. Dude’s funny. He’s a CPA lecturer?

What are the youtube videos called? Can’t find them…

Just search for Peter Olinto on On Stalla’s web page you can see him in action solving problems and doing review of key concepts (under Stalla Solutions). And yes, he is a lawyer, CPA and CFA.

And btw, the “explanationary” videos on youtube suck big time.