Any good accounting certificates ?

Yeah I know the CPA is the best,the only problem is its not recognized in europe and uk,since american accounting standards are different,a friend recomended the ACCA but coming to think of it ,I believe its mostly aimed at Asian markets fooling them to believe its hthe golden gate to european market,while its not.By the way I am interested in financial accounting and not in management/cost accounting.

What about chartered accountant?

@Greenman As I have found out there are many designations/Certificates named in some way chartered accountant ACCA,ACA,plus all the countries in the world have their own chartered accountant societies,the CFA is recognized globally and the gold standard for investment however the same is not true for cpa.Its reputable but not in europe,Asian or global countries.

I think ACCA is more of a snake oil plot aimed at developing countries

CPA will be by and large transferable to the top tier accounting designation in any country. You might need to take some local law and/or tax courses but its transferable. The idea that CPA is not recognised in Europe is nonsense. The issue is that only local designations can practice public accounting, so no matter where you go, you’ll likely need to re-up your qualifications. Public accountants have public responsibilities and liabilities and that’s why they need local accreditation, versus the CFA designation which is more just like a big club. If you want to be an accountant, take the programme in your country that is transferable to CPA/CA level elsewhere or don’t waste your time.

Master of Science in Accountancy

They give you red alumni socks upon graduation that open doors. Very well known institution.

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