Any Good Level 2 Fixed Income Video Lectures?

I was looking for some feedback regarding Level 2 Fixed Income Online Video Lectures…

I have used a handful of them in the past, both for the CPA and L1 CFA…

I really liked Becker for CPA… Yeager was terrible…

L1 CFA, Elan made me cry it was so bad (reading from the book, turning 1 Reading/Study Session into an 80hr video… FinQuiz was good, but it glossed over items, or lacked detail when further detail was needed…

Any feedback is appreciated.


If you’ve read FI from any one of the above mentioned sources, as a fellow candidate I suggest you focus on other more important sections. Fixed income is a walk in the park compared to other harder sections unless of course you’ve nailed teh rest down completely

It’s weird you say that. Personally, I find FI to be the hardest topic of the L2 curriculum. FRA and Derivatives are nothing compared to FI in my opinion.

I really dont think FI is a walk in the park. it’s not really too difficult (except for the credit analysis reading), but it’s still pretty challenging. I found other sections much much easier

Wow - I’m surprised.

Here’s my ranking from easiest to hardest -

Portfolio Management, FI, Derivatives, Croporate Finance, Quant, Equities, FRA

Maybe I say PM, FI and Derivatives are so easy because that’s pretty much what I do in my job. Apart from the basic course on accounting whcih I attended as part of my induction programme at the firm, I’ve never really studied or needed accounting knowledge - which is probably why I feel it’s quite hard.

Honestly, if I could wave a magic wand to remove FRA for advanced quant rocket science type FI and Derivatives in L2, I would do it without hestiation.

But like I said, it could just be because I’ve never been exposed to balance sheets before.:slight_smile:

I find FRA and Equities to be easiest as compare to Derivaties, that swap and option part really give me hard time to understand…


I bought video lectures from and found them quite helpful. I have not watched all of the videos but I am very satisfied with Fixed Income and Derivatives parts. This is my recommendation.