Any good, quick economics review suggestions?

Eco has been my weakest area on my practice exams. I don’t want to spend this week really hammering it since it is only about 10% of the test, so I just reviewed foreign exchange and that was it. Any good, quick suggestions, or best to leave it be?


from microec - the elasticity concept is a must macro: better know some basics about AD, AS, Demand for labor etc and how changes in inflation/wages/MS affect them

I agree with what is listed above. You could do a quick review in about 2 maybe 3 hours and call it a day. You’d really need to have a head for economics if you wanted to answer those tough questions i.e. get above 70%. Atleast thats my understanding from other people on this forum… Understand the important concepts highlighted above and you shouldn’t fail it. goodluck :slight_smile: