Any guys here from San Francisco?

Anyone from the bay area here?

I’m from the East Bay. I work in the city. I’m open to forming a study group. Passed level 2 in June.

Hi Norcal - Thanks for the reply. I actually passed Level 3 this year and looking to network with people. Will be more than happy to share my experience with L3 prep. I am based in South bay. Thnx.

I’m in SF. I am taking L1. Yikes.

good to see few guys from bay area on this forum. Anyone else from same area?

I work as an equity research analyst in Financial District. Anyone interested in studying together after work? Feel free to email me if you are interested~~ =)

Sure. Level III?

Anyone taking Level II want to study together in SF or Oakland?

Taking Level I in SF in December - anyone interested in studying?

Am in East Bay taking L2 next yr. Anyone interested in forming a review group? Meeting once a week to discuss topics with open questions. During week would be self-study.

any of you guys interested in sharing cost for schweser audio cds?

I am interested in a Level III study group. I am in east bay…work in the city. nor_cal1982 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Sure. Level III?

I’m in East Bay. Signing up for Level II, so just holler if interested in forming a study group :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d love to join a study group for LIII in the east bay. I know there are a bunch of groups starting up in SF, but that’s a bit far for me.

Hi, Anyone interested in studying for Level 3 in or around San Mateo? Thx.

If anyone has a group that plans on doing LIII in the city, send me an email. wanderingcfa at gmail dot com

Any June 09 L2’ers want to study? Maybe once a week (Sat or Sun) in SF or Millbrae/Burligame area?

I’m Daly City if anybody out here for LIII wants to get together. E-mail:

Level 1ers, wanna study?

SFCFA’er - what is your email? do you have a study group yet?