Any idea on salary for a credit analyst?

Assume it’s at one of the bigger credit rating agencies and is not a senior position. I don’t want to give more details than that.


$5? That’s more than what I have in my wallet right now. I’ll take it!

That’s an accounting profit. Your economic profit is less.

Entry level? What location? Your background?

Can you post the job description? Remove company information if you wish.

The Analyst will work in conjunction with the analytical teams to prepare documents and presentations for Rating and Issuer Committee meetings. Under limited supervision, the Analyst will generate and input appropriate financial and economic data from/to PC Mainframe databases, retrieve source documents, work with financial models, handle research projects which require planning, and update ratings data. In addition, the Analyst will contact issuers to obtain information needed for credit reviews and reports; attend meetings when appropriate with rated issuers and attend Ratings Committee meetings with industry experts and answer questions about financial spreadsheets. This is a Guild represented position. Qualifications * Qualified candidates must have an in-depth understanding of cash flow analysis, financial statement analysis; understand the relationship income statement and balance sheet. * Microsoft Word Skills * Microsoft PowerPoint * Microsoft Excel Skills * Microsoft access a plus * Cash flow analysis * Understanding the relationship between an income statement and balance sheet * Analytical ability * Attention to detail is a must * The ability to work in a team environment and produce quality work individually * Bachelor’s degree * Overall GPA of 3.3

Sounds like a ‘Research Assistant/Associate’ role, which I believe pays around $45-$50 K or so, but I would ask for $55-60K or so and see where it goes from there. But if it is ‘unionized’, I would think there isn’t much wiggle room for movement.