Any Idea what average accrual ratios are for small cap firms like SODA?

I’ve always felt SODA was a stinker, one trick pony… it’s 50% off its all time highs, and has been in a relatively tight range ever since, with a small spike recently… regardless of the charts, there may be some aggressive stink in their revenue recognition, ie operating cash flows v ebit, and receivables, and more… but it’s just been off the radar ever since the first dump back in 2011…

I am out of date on this one but it also came across my radar today. I would start by looking at DSO. It’s basically about sell in into the channel and sell through from the channel. I’m not up to date on what SODA is doing or what kind of ramp the stock may have, but it was a monster short in mid-2011 on tough comps and a channel check that showed weak sell through… Unless they’re doing something new or special now, it could very well be a short again at some point. I mean, home soda machines… seriously?

It’s woken out of a tight range due to market upswing in general… and still has the same massive short float as in 2011 for the most part… it’s a timing thing I think… I’m going to short the 17.5/25 call spreads due in April 2013 for a small amount as a probe.

That commercial with the exploding soda bottles is annoyingly catchy - like chumbawamba’s tubthumping. Definitely a short, lol.

Couldn’t get a good price on the spreads, so just bought a tiny probe in the April puts way OTM… Febs expired before earnings, so Apes were the only thing available…

missed the short ugh

Damn, I missed too. Was obvious when TIlson was getting long. SMH, way to drop the ball, bro…

is Tilson some kind of hack?

Tilson is a clown though. It is known. He’s actually a really nice guy though which is why it’s hard to hate on it too much, but I would always want to trade against him.

RMA would have this info based on NAICS code. Do you have access to this?