Any ideas what is if any the correlation between Series 7 and Level 2?

Hey guys Though I am def is not going to start studying for L2 before Jan 23, I need to finally take Series 7. Does anybody have any idea about the correllation between them? Thanks.


thanks ))

When I took the 7 in 98, I was halfway through the afternoon session when I started thinking about golf for the afternoon. Realized if I finished an hour early, I could squeeze in 18- I zoomed through it and got a 92. Level II whole different animal- anyone can fail this test- anyone.

Series 7 is an exam designed for the sleazy stock brokers. There is *NO* applicable skills learnt in the 7. The focus was on muni-bonds and options, but when I worked at SmithBarney, we never sold options! This exam was a waste of time. They should re-design it and make it more pertinent to the financial advisor’s curriculum. If you ask me, I believe that the turnover for financial advisors (aka “Stock Brokers”) is very high, and their job is nothing but cold-calling for SLEAZY handsome ex-frat boys. I really see no extra benefits of what they do but defraud investors with exorbitant fees and shoddy advice. Anyways, I believe that they should all take Level I of the CFA and pass in order to become a more value-added advisor.


boston_L2, how’s life as a stock broker?