Any investment advisors out there?

Hi all, Just trying to get an idea of whether there are any reputable investment advisor associations in the US that hold conferences for their members. I’ve come across NAPFA, IMCA, SIFMA, FPA, and NAAIM but am not sure which of these would be the biggest, and which ones are geared more towards registered investment advisors that would be picking stocks. Since I’m in Canada, I’d appreciate if anyone has any feedback on these organizations (i.e. which are the most prominent, best conferences etc). Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

The only two that I’m really familiar with are NAPFA and FPA. These are the most prominent in my mind. NAPFA is the “all fee only, all the time” group. All of the NAPFA guys I know insist on hourly or retainer fees, as opposed to AUM or net worth based fees (the lines can blur here a bit). Haven’t checked, but I’d guess FPA is among the largest. Haven’t been to a conference, but their publications are ok.