Any ladies on this forum?

I was told numerous times that male professionals totally outnumber female ones in this field. Just wondering how many women are on this forum and whether or not they have experienced any disadvantages of being “women” on the job, and if so, how they dealt with it. Being a woman trying to enter the field, I thought it’d be interesting to hear from other ladies with some experiences. Thank you!

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a disadvantage, at least as far as my experience goes. I would agree that it is the way the industry is, but that you can definitely succeed despite that. I work for an equity research firm in Toronto, and am the only girl in my department. It has the potential to be awkward, but I get along with them and its really not an issue at the end of the day. Clients will often make a comment about how I’m “keeping them in line”, but I don’t think its a disadvantage nowadays. Then again, I could just have gotten lucky. I have heard stories of firms that are very much an “old boys club” atmosphere, where people have resorted to really low tactics to hold back women who enter their workplace. But I think that’s a very rare situation, and it’s much more likely that you’re going to be hired based on your skills and knowledge instead of your gender. Just my two cents.

I am a girl, too but I am not in investment yet :frowning: Still in audit :frowning:

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I am a woman and a mom - I bet that is a real minority on this board. I’ve never found it to be a clear disadvantage in terms of getting in the door. I think being one of the few women in the room can sometimes be a good thing - especially if you are in sales of any kind. I would argue that you need to be a self promoter in finance and any career, because no one hands you money. However, trying to balance work and family (oh yea, and the CFA) is a whole other can of worms. That is why I left NYC, and left the sell side recently.

I am a mom, well over the average age of cfa candidate - got my charter this year and have worked on the institutional marketing side for years. It does set you apart from the crowd of males especially when the designation is not required for a role like this.

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You can only wonder about the length people will go to in order to get a job…

^ Everybody has their price…

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Thanks Jeff.

hey no problem. i’m here to help. :wink:

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