Any last minute tips for Level I?

I feel prepared for the exam, but some last minute tips never hurt!

  • Be sure that you know all your formulas. If not, write them down several times: you don’t want to hesitate during the exam.
  • If you’re not familiar with wearing a mask for several hours, you better do it. Doing a mock exam with a mask on is even better.
  • Find a parking place before you leave for the exam and arrive early.
  • Enjoy your day off before the exam!
    Good luck
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I had the exam on Tuesday and I think it went well. Let’s hope for the best but knowing the formulas was key for sure. Thanks for the tips!

don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. cramming the night before the exam will do little to improve your knowledge/preparedness and can actually hurt your performance when taking the exam.

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from the test, is it similar to end-of-chapter questions? could you share more details on what the exam feels like?

Just relax and trust in your preparation. It will be fine! Don’t let me moment get to you when the test begins, remember you’re ready and keep a clear head. Cheers you got this!

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I personally used the CFA’s question bank (did around 2200 questions there) and they definitely helped me prepare for the exam. I would recommend you do as much EoC questions as you can. Take into account that I still haven’t received my test scores and maybe my method didn’t work. Also I tried to remain as calm as possible throughout the exam, stressing out never helps in exams and trusting your preparation is key in my opinion.

that’s what I’ve been doing. doing EoC questions and trying to understanding, instead of memorizing. I found the blue boxes examples are way harder and digest although I know it helps us to reinforce what we study. let us know how you did. thanks!

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