Any Level 2 takers in Northern/Central NJ?

Anyone interested in forming a Level 2012 study group in north/central Jersey?

I am in the Newark area and I plan to take L2 in June. Let me know if there is any interest in setting up a group.

Thanks Don. As you can see there have not yet been other responses but it was hard to post for a few days while the website was being updated. We’ll see who responds (need about 4 to start I think?) and then we can pick a mutually convenient location and time.

Hello. I’m also taking L2 in June 2012 and a study group sounds like a great idea. I live in Toms River (exit 82 off the GSP) and can drive wherever we’re going to meet. I know your original post was about a month ago, please let me know if a study group was formed/is forming.

Well…we’re spread far apart geographically (I am about 40 min West of Newark) but we could figure it out. Would Summit work for anyone? Weekends during the day time would be best for me. Please leave your email addresses and any suggestions and I’ll get back to you promptly. Cynthia

Anybody still looking to set up a study group? I am located near Westfield and would prefer a weekly Saturday or Sunday session.