Any Linux Users?

Windows 7 refused to boot up today (even in Safe Mode) while I’m in the middle of a busy set of readings (only got the online version of the CFAI books.) So I rebooted and selected “Ubuntu” in the OS selection screen (I dual boot), and continued from Vitalsource’s site.

Anyone else here use Linux?

OpenBSD is the only operating system that doesn’t get bogged down with adware, spyware, and malware, ever since I was on that UXO job.

This negro DieHardValueInvestor used to be pimpin Linux all over AF.

I don’t use Linux. But I am long Red Hat (RHT).

Go Linux!

I set up a linux system a long time ago and used it as a webserver, which was pretty neat, but I ultimately didn’t want to spend all my time tinkering with it.