Any LVL1'ers registered for Dec.'20 NOT pushing back to 2021?

I fail to see the downside here-

-2 extra months to study
-Shorter testing time (4.5hrs. vs. 6)
-Fewer questions (180 vs. 240)

Not to mention hopefully Covid has cooled down a bit wherever you are.

I know we have until Oct.20 to decide but I think I’m going to go ahead and push it back.

I was originally registered for June 2020 and I already got an extra 5 months to study lol
so I’m not looking to push things off even more.

true, but i’d sill be tempted to take the shorter exam. Altho that is a double edge sword as the less questions the less you’d be able to get wrong and still pass at 70%. Good luck to you.