Any new 2011 charterholders get/not get their charter yet?

Am I the only new 2011 charterholder who has’t gotten the charter yet?

Also, anyone else going to the new charterholder reception at NYSSA in New York tonight?

I haven’t gotten my physical paper charter yet. I haven’t gotten an invite for the new charterholder reception – I feel left out :’(

No physical paper charter, but have been invited to local chapter reception in January.

So determined to hang it up in the office eh?

In the letter sent to all new charterholders, CFAI said that the charter will be mailed late December.

Interestingly, mine arrived today.

For some reason, they gave me 2 paper charters. I guess they know I’m prone to losing things.

I’m in Europe, so I’ll probably have to wait a little longer before mine arrives.

mine arrived yesterday by mail, but I already received one at the ceremony couple of weeks ago…

I received mine today, packed in a high-quality tube.