Any new material/topics

Hi, Just wondering if anybody can tell me if any new topics or areas are on the DEcember 2007 curriculum that were not included in 05 Schweper notes? I am using the old notes and just want to see if any major amendments have occured. Thanks

whoa. if i were you i _would_not_ use notes from 2005. they revise the curriculum each year (sometimes by 30%) but good luck if you proceed…

Hi OK thanks for that probably prudent advice…but basically all the topics seem the same i have obviously reviewed the outline for the dec papers and I don’t see and major changes… I have an existing Finance degree and am comfortable with the material, but am just concerned that there would a new book or chapter in Ethics or GIPs that could catch me out. Are you aware of any such introduction? or even a specific new focus by the institute ie adjusted weighting against different topics? Cheers