Any new passers going to move to CIPM or something else?

Curious if you will now feel lost without anything to study. There is CMT, CIPM, CPA, FRA, etc.

My boss wants someone on our team (wealth management) to do CIMA…kind of silly after CFA if you ask me but I don’t mind doing it. Won’t be thinking about next steps for a few months though - time to decompress! I got married 3 weeks to the day after CFA this year, so had wedding planning + studying and am over it all for now. May do CAIA also.

doing mba

hell 2 tha no. those (CAIA, FRM, CPA, CIPM etc etc) are major league downgrades after CFA plus it seems like you are certificate collectors and not investment pros.

fck no

hacksaw mba

Have to finish my fellowship of the society of actuaries now.

dis life so fun.

FRM maybe

How precise

I’ll be writing FRM part 2 in Nov.

I would only say that , ironically, they are “major league downgrades” only if you are looking at them from the point of view of a “certificate collector”

If you are working or want to work in a specific area, those certificates could teach you more of the fundamental basics of those areas . I’m sure CAIA has far more in-depth look at Alternatives, FRM covers much more risk concepts and practices, CPA covers much more accounting etc…

+1 to TCD

Additional certifcations look at investments from a different perspective from the CFA and a complementary. CFA is clearly the gold standard, but that still does not make other qualifications a downgrade or a waste of time.

Frankly whilst I understand the people who don’t want to do another qualification after CFA, but to think the the CFA covers it all is a joke, in both CAIA and FRM there is material not covered in CFA and that fact that you have your Charter doesn’t mean that you know all the material. So even where you have an overlap of material it can be a useful opportunity to review material. Okay many of you will say you can do this on your own, you can, I find it easier to have a target to motivate me to do the work.

Each to their own, personally I applaud those who are willing to sacrifce more of their time to develop and improve thier investment skills. And to the trolls, who seem so determined to tel these people to get a life, get your own, go play Xbox, go to the cinema, do something you want to do and leave those who want to continue learning to do so.

GMAT with the view to going for an MBA

I’m DONE with exams/designations.

Unless you absolutely need one for your job , I don’t see the point once you have your CFA.

CFA is the gold standard. You get more designations and it looks like you are just collecting designations. Plus, what is the point of getting unknown designations (like CAIA, I have it, kind of feel like it was a waste).

MBA is only useful if, a) you have the money, and b) you want to shift careers and need networking help.

In my opinion if the MBA isn’t Wharton or Harvard, the MBA isn’t worth crap in the US financial industry. I could go get an MBA from anywhere these days.

And that’s the exact reason - being based in Australia, I see an MBA as a platform to (hopefully) work in the US and work in a strategy such as distressed debt that’s not long-only equities

I agree with PistolPt. MBAs are useful but from a top school. Today everyone has an MBA. Tell me who doesn’t have one.

You know what would be better than more and more designations? Work experience.

^ This.