Any news on when the charter will be awarded?

it’s been 24 days since the results and i was wondering if there is any definitive date for awarding the charter.

The rumored date is Sept5/6 when the board of goveners must officially meet and “OK the Charter” to people, even those who have satisfied all the requirements since Aug 7th.

Isn’t that lovely?

So its foolish to assume then that they’ll be sent out today, under the assumption that the board ok’ed them in August? Do we know when the board meets? First thursday of the month / first day of the month / last day of the month?

I know its almost childish to be this impatient, but we’re already done with this, and I at least want my reward for it!

So tired of waiting…

A friend of mine suggested we should call this period of time the "cfa purgatory "

It’s rather fitting, as it does feel like we are in this intermediate state of temporary punishment while waiting the entry into heaven. we satisfied all requirements to enter heaven and yet we must wait until the gods open the gate


I got an e-mail from CFAI this morning asking for me to pay as my work experience has been approved. Did this, and then signed 10 mins ago and noticed my name had changed :slight_smile:

I checked the CFA Institute’s website this morning, and my name had finally been changed: “XXXX, CFA”. Prior (including yesterday, as I’ve been checking regularly) it read “Charter Pending.”

Note, I’ve already had my work experience approved, passed the 3 tests, and joined both socieites (national/local).

Good luck to everybody!

the wait is over my friends, good luck in your future endeavors

this sucka is done!!!

done and done boys!

finally! xxxxxx, CFA!! yeahhhhhh!!! moving on the conquering the next beast.