any of you actually have time to finish all materials?

I do not think i will have enough time to finish all the practice exams. I just finished schweser book 6 and left with schweser book 7, CFA mock, CFA practice exams and q-bank… I can only do 2 exams per day, and most of the time just 1. with 2 weeks left, i do not see how i can finish all the practice exams. ( Im planning to spend 1 week for review. so i only have 1 week for practice exam). Any of you have similar experience? which books you think should I give up?

I am leaving book 7

I registered for the Dec 2007 about 4 weeks ago, and only started studying then, so I’ve been cramming ever since. I estimate I’ll have maybe a week to get through all the SS’s. I hope to get to the CFA sample exams at the latest a week from now, regardless of how many SS’s I have left to learn.

wow, good luck to you… good thing you found this forum

I don’t think it’s neccessary to finish each and every practice exam. In my opinion, the most important step is to fully review each exam once you have taken it. I wouldn’t sweat it.

how is it with CFA sample exams? i plann on taking one and don’t know once you take it can you go and review? i would assume it’s timed. any imput is much appreciated

Guys need some advice from you all. 1. Still 1000+ questions left from Passmaster 2. Book-6 left 3. All 5 CFA Exams left With just 13 days left, I don’t think I am going to make it … Could you left me know if it would be fine to leave Book-6 and start picking the CFA Exams??? I am planning to take my 1st CFA exam probably on thanksgiving, hopefull they are not time consuming, could someone also list down the hierarchy to take the exams in (starting from easieist) Thank you so much… - Dinesh S

you probably want to do the easiest last – so you are more confident attacking the exam on exam day. CP

yep that could help me out too if somebody can tell us if you can review the questions after you take the online sample exam would be great

Dinesh, If I were you, I’d leave the passmaster alone (I am only 26% done on my Qbank). Do atleast 1 Book 6 exam, just to get a feel of the full day torture, and move onto CFAI exams.

So you guys telling… I should stop working on my Passmaster now, jump on with the 1st test in Book-6 (a full day 6 hr test), and then take up the CFA exams (starting hardest first … 4,3,5,2,1…)?? But I can’t remember most of the concepts and formulas… which passmaster was helping me in recalling those while I was going through It, section-by-section. Does this sound like a wise thing to do… Book-6 (EXAM-1): on ThanksGiving (6 hrs) + Review after Exam (2 hrs) Then then take one of the CFA Exam before the day closes. There on take CFA exams every other day… - Dinesh S

for review you might want to give yourself some more time… esp. the first exam. bcos there are standard things that come up missed this, oh s*** it was so easy!!! This is a new approach to the problem, which I did not know before, etc. etc. and of course to post those tougher qs on AF to get other’s methods… CP

Thats too optimistic, If you take the full day exam, say from 9-12 & 1-4…I don’t know about you, but Iam totally beat…the only thing I can do after that is review. After my 1st exam it took me more than 4-5 hours to review everything. I would mark the difficulty level (according to you) next to each que, while taking the exam and review the ones (even if you got them right) afterwards. Atleast for me, there are far too many question where I can easily eliminate 2 choices and kindoff split b/w the two. I get quite a few of them right, but for review purposes, I want to make sure why.

Thanks delhi and ckp, your advice is invaluable. Hope I can make it to the finals… This is my first look at Finance and it’s been a tough-paddle-upstream to grasp this voluminous material. Hope to see you guys around!! - Dinesh S

also please remember do not know about you, but I am not superhuman. I make more mistakes when I am tired. and that gives your already bruised self more of a jolt. So you are pushing yourself down further on the confidence scale, by taking too many exams on the same day. I am not sure how much of an emphasis must be given to taking 2 exams (of 3 hours each) with real exam like conditions. I found that there was PLENTY OF TIME on the real examination. So I would probably concentrate on getting thro’ section by section on some of the exams, and reviewing side by side too. ! CP

ok delhi, so I’ll just do Book-6 Exam-1 (6 hrs) and keep reviewing the exam the rest of the day. I can’t do a stretch of 25 question from passmaster, the overall idea of doing 240 questions is killing me already :frowning: - Dinesh S

For all of you guys who feel they are far behind, I in the same boat. But im still confident that I could pas this exam if i work out the next 12 days or so smartly. I finished going through the material on the 11th of november, since then I have reviewd thoroughly the ethics section since i believe it the most important part (even if FSA has a higher weight) because, apparently, if your score was borderline then its the ethics part that will decide whether you pass or fail. Not to forget that is could still carry a weight of 15-20%. I will finish reviewing the quant part tonite, i really needed to go through it again since it is my weakest. the last five days( Mon 26- Fri 30) I will be just doing CFAI sample exams, mainly becaus ei am following the advice of most of the people on this forum saying that those exams are the most realistic ones (closest to the actual exam). Now the question is, between tomorrow the 19th and Sunday the 25th, should i be reviewing section by section or shall I purchase Schweser Qbank and go throughthe questions identifying the weak spots and tackling them and reviewing only those parts? Of course, like a lot of us, I feel as if i forgot most of those concepts already… Any adivce? thanks, and good luck to all, don;t give up!

well this is my plan… im taking a week off work next week for study… i have 2 book 6 exams left, and 3 schweser prac exams… and 4 CFAI exams… just plugging away at q-bank questions this week, and reviewing some topics im crap at… start this weekend, plan to do one full exam during the day… review it at night, and do a CFAI exam aswell… do that every day, then relax the day before the exam

I have Book 6 left & I completed 36% of Q bank. Took one CFAI exam(73%) . I have reviewed almost all notes in last 30 days once. In the remaining time, I am planning to work on 1. Book 6 2. Remaining four CFAI exams. 3. Review the whole material from Schweser notes once. 4. Any weak areas , work all those questions from Q bank. (I am off work for the rest of two weeks). 5. Try to work on FSA & Ethics from Q-bank (as much as possible). How shall I put my priority around this?

I got 65% on the morning session of BOok6… is that a bad indicator of my knowledge??