Any of you guy/girls here trade?

Just wondering if any of you trade stocks/options on a regular basis? Day trade or swing trade? Or do you invest?

Also, what resources did you use to get started and the roadmap to learning what you know today. I do have a decent knowledge on trading forex and options. Would like to hear from you?

Perhaps, we could start a thread and share ideas?

Forex? Yeah, I run a fund. Who’s asking?

SRS - I trade FX primarily because it’s the only asset class I can freely trade without having to suck my compliance departments dick to make a trade. Secondarily because it’s fun as fuck and if you’re right you can make an absolute shit load of money.

EUR/USD plays pretty nicely by the rules too. I just follow a second graders mean reversion strategy. Too far from the mean in any direction I just take the contra side and hope to get lucky. Worked out quite well for me in the last year I’ve been doing it.

Unfortunately - and I’m not trying to sound important here - I don’t think we can actually give random strangers over internet boards advice on trades; much less any of our friends either.

But long GBP/SEK or XAU/AUD right now would make for some great chit chat! Fundamentals are technically important :grin:

buy and hold here. i’ll talk about overall net worth.

  1. i started saving a downpayment for a house first. bought a condo 1.5 yrs after college, i had like a 15k down.

  2. i then started focusing on my 401k. i buy spy index mutual fund that charges 5 bps.

  3. i then started doing roth then iras. bought mutual funds since i was studying for charter.

  4. once i passed exams, i started studying indivdiual securities. i waited a year b4 i started buying them at 8k a pop using ira/roth.

  5. now i have ~400k net worth, 100k is in individual securities, its about 10k a pop or roughly 2.5% of net worth. i never double down. i sell 1 or 2 a year. i usually buy a fallingstock. so if you look at my portfolio its usually a sea of red with a few core positions higher in the green. Some are blue chip value, some are large cap growth, and some are small cap growth/value. by biggest gain.

i use seeking alpha for news notifications. sa used to give transcripts but now they just give access to new ones. also here is a site that gives 10 yrs of financial data. they give links to the 10k on the sec website to dbl check. lastly if you want info on business, check investor relations for presentiation or transcript then read the 10-k. i also look at whalewisdom to see who owns it and how much are they exposed.

when i was a college student i used to trade options for fun. its literally gambling though since i was just guessing direction, i bought cheap options for cheap pe stocks. anyways now i think the only time it makes sense to purchase options is when markets crash and you buy an 1-2 yr atm call option. check the premium as a percent of the stock price to determine the true cost. selling short dated puts is also an excellent way to buy into stocks near a market top. you usally get a 10 percent discount. the issue with options though, is that the spreads will kill you unless its an extremely large co with high option volumes.

Day trade is the way to go. You earn money from dem fools who don’t know nothing about dem options or intra-day moves. Investing is for the fools.

On WC you said that your E® is at least 15%/pa.(you’re looking to retire in less than 10 years after all) Looking at your IPS, I’m having a hard time believing you’ll beat the market’s average historical return constantly by 5-8%. What gives?

my expected retirement date if nothing were to change is 6 years. assume 410k starting net worth for jan 2020, 35k savings, 11.75% return. and thats 1.06m at age 37, though tbh i may consider retiring at 800k back to my home country at 35. it really all depends on where we are in market cycle around that time, how much i save in the us vs how much i save in philippines when compared to all income , how much i love my job. whether i can convicne my wife and kids. Earlier the better. if im single, or unemployed this will be an easy move since my expenses will be 15k per year. anyways my goal is this place below. ignore the 2k per month. my auntie has a couple places there and will rent it to me for 400 bucks, market rate is really 600 bucks. i wont need a car cuz everything is walking distance. also poor ppl are not allowed.

my increase in net worth without taking contribution into account was roughly 22 percent since 2012 vs 13% for the spy index. this is just an average return as i am lazy. anyways it was a lot higher because of 2 things.

  1. leverage from real estate, i literally turned 15k to 115k. due to a 3.5% down hsa loan. its cash flow positive i rent it out cuz its too far from work. roughly 3.5 hrs a day of driving roundtrip. anyways just on appreciation thats a 34% CAGR. with its current valuation 100k valuation net of debt, a 3% inflation on its 215k zillow price is roughly 7k, its 3k net cash flow and 3k cash payments. we are looking at 13% returns moving forward.

  2. tax deductions from 401k/ira before saved me 35% in taxes at start and would also make up a larger part of my net worth. a 2012 contirbution for example would yield a 13% market CAGR vs 18% CAGR with tax deduction. since my contribution are a now only a very small part its essentially whatever the market return is moving forward so lets say 10%.

you are right that my returns are a lot lower now and that my expectations are much lower. i am trying to up my returns through stock picking, i am hoping 15% returns min. i actually have a spreadsheet where all my money is. what i project them to do for next year. i do this to calculate the expected growth which I the use on my expected net worth sheet. i also pull up contribution from projected budget sheet for expected net worth.

how is that prenup looking?