Any one feeling the same?

of lately i have not been able to put in same number of studying hours as i used to do in last three months but the thing is i feel my marginal utility per hour is actually increasing and I am studying better but I am just worried that I am putting in less hours… just about to finish my second review of schweser along with first reading of CFAI end of the review problems would be done by next weekend anyone in same boat as i m?

I havent completed my first reading of schweser, maybe that makes you feel better. About marginal utility per hour, it should be increasing knowing that the deadline is soon.

My marginal utility was very low this weekend as my brain now aches. I am on my second pass through the CFAI text and it seems doing the first pass was of no use.

I took this weekend off pretty much except for the 2001 Exam, which I noticed either the CFAI text or Stalla had a lot of the questions already…

I found schweser much better at stressing main points. I am going over schweser now and looking into CFAI to make sure everything is covered (Second pass, first pass was pure CFAI)

I took this weekend off too, I reckon a break is important to avoid burnout in the upcoming weeks. Also it was blowing a storm in Dublin so no better way to forget obout CFA woes than scaring the sh*t out of oneself kitesurfing when totally out of practice…