any one here like to take l3 the third times?

its really a horrible memory for me. i passed l1 and l2 just once in one year but it took me three years to take l3, my god, i thought it was the exam with the highest pass ratio sigh~~~ hope i can pass this time.

sucks man. This is my third ‘official’ time… the first time, I sort of studied, but the material didn’t seem too hard (which now I realize just means I didn’t study very hard). Second time, I didn’t have time and punted. This time, I actually put in the time and effort and I’m actually far MORE uncertain of my answers than in the past. sucks. good luck man.

this was my 2nd time at L3, I dont care how long it takes me i’m going to get this thing eventually. Well not only it would be a complete waste of time and money if I dont, but if I want to stay in my job and advance, it pretty much is a requirement soooooo gonna keep on trucking

its no more about liking…i think for me it has become a necessity…high chance of failing…seems like screwed up on most of am and substantial pm