Any one read both Schweser and Stalla?

in Feb, I plan to spend some time on reading my friend’s stalla books as good supplement. Any one did that or is doing that?

I got a great deal on both co’s books so I have both. I have been swapping back and forth, some parts I like Stalla other I like the Schweser, I think if I had to pick schweser is a little better especially in FRA. For Level 1 I hated the Schweser Derivatives so I will not read them for that. I liked to Stalla Econ readings and their examples on Functional Currency. Be careful all of the Stalla questions at the end of chapters are very easy. To put the Stalla questions in perspective: I just got the 2010 Schweser q-bank and like I did in level 1 I printed out a quiz for every end of reading (these questions are known to be easier than most) but I used these as a step to getting to the hard questions and they do help nail down the basics. I did all the Stalla questions for Quant, Econ, FRA and Corp Fin and did well 70%min to 90%+ probably mid 80% avg. First “easy q-bank” quiz on Quant 60%, next first Econ 60%, next Econ 65%. I did get back up to an 90% on Currency Exchange.