Any one who passed LIII: Secret Sauce

Congrats to all of you who passed CFA LIII. Can any of you please give me your CFA Level III Schwaser Secret Sauce. I will pay for the shipping etc. Thank You.

I can pass that on for $30 + shipping. Reach me on if interested. Thnx.

Man…GetSetGo is on the ball.

mwvt9, If i disclose my strategy for passing Level 2 , some people will faint. I started Feb 26th or so. I quickly watched the videos in 2 weeks entire cirriculum. After that read / practised 1-2 hrs a day. I took 4 days off in the week before the exam. I put in abour 200 hrs…may be 250 hrs total never logged. Read secret sauce 10-15 times, did 20% of schwaser question bank. Did 2.5 exams from Schwaser volume 1. Did cfa mock and sample exams. I didn’t read schwaser notes ( rarely referred to it). or CFA text books (never opened it). I luckily passed level 2. I consider LUCK to be very important in these close battles. The reason i am collecting Secret Sauce is because, Schwaser wont release till Mid March or end of March and it will be cutting too close for me, If i choose to adopt a similar strategy. We can exchange notes as we go through next year. Lets hope we crack L3 this year and get done. :slight_smile:


i have that , in sydney. if u r here and want to pick up, shoot me an email dlhdang at yahoo dot com

GetSetGo, do you do level 2 type analysis in your workplace?

Will offer 20 + s/h for secret sauce

Nike, Nope… I don’t even work in Finance. But i happen to come from hyper-competitive India. So am used to acing exams with very short run way. Hope it works for L3 also. But more importantly …its Luck / God’s grace. On a different day, i could have been badly butchered. Have fun :slight_smile:

dlhdang, Congrats for passing L3. Thanks for offering the secret sauce. I am taking it from bladedunk. Thanks again for your kind offer.

Getsetgo,you f_in sound exactly like some1 I know, and infact I studied with you, Infact I f-in know who u are, you told me to switch to ure strategy about 3 weeks before the exam, but by that time it was too late, But trust me guys it makes a lot of sense, and I will follow a similar, more efficient strategy this year for level 3, no time for the endless, digression-prone CFAI books…we’re all too busy in our lives…

The secret sauce has gone. Thanks for all who are interested. Good luck with your study

Anyone can spare their Secret Sauce? Will offer $20 + $2 s/h

if anyone has…

Any secret sauces in hong kong? email me: thanks

FWIW, Secret Sauce is included in the stuff I am selling:

Most of it has nothing to do with luck

I have the notes… just need secret sauce…