Any others scoring high on practice exams, but still feel scared?

I feel really scared of failing. There are a lot of formulas I have not memorized, and tons of concepts that my memory is hazy on. I’m amazed at how I’m scoring so well, because I feel as though I know what I don’t know, and there is a lot that I don’t know. I feel as though I’m only scoring well because the questions aren’t as challenging as they could be. I feel as though if my knowledge was really put to the test, it would falter.

I’m putting up 82, 85, 88, 88 and 88 on each half of Schweser volume 1 exam (still have exam 3 PM to go).

So, share your feelings if you relate :smiley:

I am scoring pretty well on the practice exams too, but to come on this forum and tell others you are scoring in the high 80s is NOT very helpful to those who are struggling to crack past 70%. This seems like a very self-serving post to me.

yeah, i give you a 50/50 shot of passing, but maybe you’ll get lucky

Yeah dude keep your fingers crossed. You’re pretty borderline right now.

leave the guy alone – who said this forum’s just for people scoring less than 70%?

to the OP – you’ve obviously got a solid understanding of the material. i would spend the next 10 days brushing up on the bits you don’t know, incase they throw in some curveballs. Also, do the CFA mock – that will help to reassure you that your schweser scores are legit.

Man, i just bombed the AM part of the CFAI Mock 63% when ièm usually hitting 75-80%.

CFAI verbose vignettes really throw you off. This just put a chill down my spine!

I could spend 3 months brushing up on bits I don’t know :slight_smile: I think I need to do more practice exams, because I have only done 2.5. I fluster easily under time pressure, and by noises/distractions. I think I’ll do the mock on Thursday, but it sounds really hard, which is going to really stress me out during the exam, and freak me out after.

There may be a couple curveballs here or there, but CFAI is pretty good at testing the important stuff, even if they do it in a tricky way. You know all the important stuff. You’re fine. Stay positive!

Is scoring around 80% normal?

Any idea whether break up of different section/topic will matter if the overall score is 80%

no, 80% is not normal. 78% is normal. you are “above-normal”

no, seriously if you score 80 on the real exam, you will pass by a mile.