Any OWS sightings?

Apparently, they are doing the NY 1-year anniversary march? There is a semi-permanent OWS street encampment here in San Francisco. However, it appears that it’s just a bunch of homeless people who are using “protest” as an excuse to congregate.

Occupy my nuts.

If this movement ramps up again, I’m gonna join them.

Saw some last night:

It’s a chaos in downtown NYC. The NYSE and the surrounding 2-3 blocks in all 4 directions are blocked and barricaded. They are all over the place - Battery Park, Vietnam Was memorial (Next to Staten Island Ferry Terminal), Brown Brother Harriman cube, Zuccotti park and they are ALL pissed - Over 100+ have been arrested in several confrontations. while walking from WTC PATH to office - saw group of protestors sitting in the middle of the road blocking all the inbound / outbound traffic to downtown.

More updates later…

It was a mess here in downtown NY. Aholes blocked off Broadway and cops were everywhere. People had to walk in single file and took me over 15mins to go one block. Best part was a 99%er reading OWS stuff off her iPhone in front of everyone.

I’ll suit up and regulate. Show these OWS fktards w’sup!

I take the train at WTC. After work, I’m sure to see the police presence at Zuccotti Park again. They are there now and tried to form a human blockade of the NYSE.

I also assume, after work, they’ll be hitting all the pubs in the area, and I’ll be able to smell them out within a 1 mile radius.

And then I’ll switch places with most of them. They can have, and try to do my job successfully, and I get rights to their Trust Funds and youthful idealism.

Well… if NYC has to spend a lot of money on police, and later on workers to clean up the mess, then the “government spending” component of GDP has increased. Mission accomplished!!

Sadly enough, the OWS pussies in NYC are ‘Diverting’ the majority of police away from potential ‘terrorist areas’ (chrysler building, grand central… )

good point, these people need to know that peaceful protests will not be tolerated.

There was one 60 year old lady in the park on my way to work holding up a “Happy 1 Year OWS!” sign.

Just sad really.

I mean… I’m all for free speech and all that stuff. However, when you go out of your way just to inconvenience other people, that’s just called being a jackass. Plus, you have to be a dick to go around breaking the law just because you can. The police said “fine, you can protest, but don’t do stuff like block traffic, as that is illegal and we will arrest you”. So, some of the protestors say “la dee dah… go ahead and arrest me”. And then, when they are arrested, somehow they are being oppressed by the Man.

It is nice to live in a country that tolerates peaceful protest. However, when people start to abuse free speech rights because they know there will be no serious consequences - that’s just really annoying.

And you people want to cut these people’s welfare checks. If you do, these protests will be infinitely more violent and numerous. At some point, people have nothing to lose.

If unemployment was at 5% and the gap between rich and poor was 10 times wider than it is today, I bet you wouldn’t have these protests. We got to get people back to work. There is currently too much supply of labor.

yeah, I don’t remember seeing it this bad years 7 years ago. I work near a poor part of a high unemployment city and during my lunch break I’m amazed at how many people I see just walking around in the middle of the day. Along with young adults just chilling on their porch together. In 2005 I use to drive through this same area and it was never like this. Then I watch this video over the weekend of a car chase in LA. When the chase finally ends, a massive crowd just forms around the cops. This took place in the middle of the day last week.

I hope us talking about this is a sign of the bottom because nothing good will come from this being the new norm.

OWS doesn’t necessarily represents the people who are suffering the most due to the poor economy. These people are treating the protests like a big party. Many of them are college students. 87% of them are employed. Those protesters are driven by ideology, not economic hardship. If anything, they detract from the people who are really just scraping by (who presumably do not have time to hang out in the park for weeks), disrupt revenue of local businesses, and cost the city millions of dollars in security and police overtime costs.

yeah … sounds like a protest it is a protest!! you’re right man

I wonder if we can say the same thing of tea party demonstrations.

Students are always protesting something; it’s part of what many students feel they should be doing. Don’t worry about that. You need to worry when others *join* the students in significant numbers.

AMEN! I am sick of these losers. Try going into 60 Wall Street sometime, which is a public atrium and used to be a quite nice place to have lunch until the OWS organizers decided to occupy it. They use the public areas for their meetings, taking over almost the entire available space with their latest model Apple laptops probably paid for by donations. To me it’s quite ironic that when people were sleeping in tents in freezing weather, the upper 1% of the OWS movement were cozy and warm, enjoying the free light, electricity, heat and furniture provided by the building, such hypocrisy, and preventing hard working souls such as myself from enjoying a peaceful lunch. Then they went home to their luxury FiDi apartments with the rent paid for by the movement, never setting foot within the camps. Oh no, not them. I am really disgusted by these people.