Any preppers here?

What do you all have stashed in case of zombie apocalypse?

Any fluffers here?

i believe Turd qualifies

Any puppers here? Daschunds? Great Danes? Cockapoo?

Not a prepper, but I do have some guns and quite a bit of ammo because I like to go shooting occasionally.


a lotta spam, vienna sausages, canned corn, and sardines with tomato sauce.

Garage is stocked with plenty of fresh water, Ammo, got a big first aid disaster kit, Ham Radio as well. Does that count as being a prepper?

You need masks with P100 filters and some decent garb as well, also food/water in good, non-persihable containers

I got BS/Factcheck/xjstreetcar on speed dial

I’ve read and memorized The Zombie Survival Guide. I also own north of 150 different knives and blades. Why? Because blades don’t need reloading.

I really do collect knives. At one point I was pretty good at throwing them, as well as my throwing hatchet. Haven’t done it in a while now though. Maybe I’ll break them out this weekend and teach my son…

Don’t forget toilet paper. That’ll be worth its weight in gold.

I’m Mormon so I have an entire back room filled with canned goods and other essentials.

And extra wives, right?

To avoid legal complications, they label polygamy under a different name.


if you have multiple wives and one divorces you, they are not entitled to half right?

say you have 4. they only get 1/5th?

Need some cash money.

My preparation is more about being able to move between countries. If country A goes to hell, why have beans saves up, when you can just go to country B? If country A and B both go to hell, then I’m screwed.