Any PS4 players out there?

Specifically battlefield - Just grabbed it last week and looking to get a group started…

I would have considered getting one, solely so I could play the Star Wars Battlefront game. But then I learned that it’s not backwards compatible with any PS 1, 2, or 3 games. So nevermind.

Just got the Xbox One here. Completed the training missions for Battlefront. Cool. Black Ops III also good so far. My mom says “Hi” Sweep.

Got PS4…LOVE Battlefield 4, it’s just epic. Had the console for about 2 years and the only game I play regularly is BF4 even though I have about 20 games.

Got myself Starwars Battlefront and Metal Gear Solid V for Christmas so that may well change, but yeah…BF4 is amazing.

I’ve got Battlefield Hardline too which is decent, but it’s cops vs robbers rather than full scale military mayhem so it lacks a certain something in my opinion.

Im always up for new BF4 buddies so add me if you want, my tag is CRAZYFraggle666. I’m UK time zone but play at some pretty random hours so may crossover quite regularly with US time zone.


Xbox One checking in here as well. If anyone wants to do some GTAing, let me know.

I’m Xbox One playing Battlefield 4. Hit up OG Hobbit if you play

Just bought mine. it was the SW battlefront bundle. going to start today after work.

user name - hoozungry