Any Racists on This Forum

Frankie was, but we’re cool now. Zesty still is since he starts threads for every class but brothers. Textbook MlK style racism!!

Alrite what’s going on people with these threads, did you guys get some ad-revenue sharing deal I dont know about?

i’m racist against buffet haters…

I’m only racist against fat chicks. So basically 90 percent of English and American chicks. So actually I’m a pretty big bigot.

would you rather be on your “own” or do a fat chick?

I have always abstained from situations where I can’t be proud of, so being on my own has been more often then not…

I am fairly racist against fat chicks. I am also prejudiced against fat dudes unless they are jolly.

Everyone is a racist at some level and/or in some situations. I define a racist as someone who makes a decision or forms an opinion based solely on someone else’s race/ethnicity.